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Mar 1, 2023

A Linux-Based Mini Shell in C - For Operating Systems at OSU, we were tasked with writing a fully functional shell program in C. This post details the process of writing the shell program, including handling tasks including tokenization, process management, memory managment, file i/o, and signals...

Jun 29, 2021

A Self-Hosted VPN Server With Wireguard - There are many privacy-related reasons to use a VPN, and probably just as many companies willing to sell you a subscription. Some are good, others less so. After about 4 years of being mostly satisfied with a paid VPN service, I identified several reasons to build a self-hosted VPN server...

Mar. 20, 2021

Options Data Web Scraper: Python - Python, Pandas, and BeautifulSoup can be used to create a web scraper that downloads options data from Yahoo Finance and generate a .csv containing prices, trading volume, and implied volitility for any listed security.

Dec. 29, 2020

Heatmaps: Python & Plotly - Heatmaps are an effective way of visualising data on three axes. For a recent project, I used Python with Pandas and Plotly to generate a heatmap of trading volume for SPY, a heavily-traded ETF that tracks the S&P 500...